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BIHAKU.com (hereinafter, "this website") is an information site operated by DS SAKURA DENTAL SERVICES Co., Ltd (hereinafter, "the company"). In order to use this website, it is necessary to comply with the following rules, and the users of this website (hereinafter, " the users") agree to be legally bound by the following rules.


The information site "BIHAKU.com" (hereinafter referred to as "this website") operated by the company and all contents related to it are created based on the information and data from reliable information providers, and pay sufficient attention and confirmation. However, neither the company nor the information providers assume any responsibility for the accuracy, etc. of such information.

 The company may change, update, or delete this website and the posted content without prior notice to the users. The company is not liable for any damages incurred by the users using this website or any other damages incurred in connection with the use of this website.

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The copyright of all content posted on this website belongs to the company or the content provider.

The users must not, in whole or in part, reprint, reproduce, publish, broadcast, publicly transmit, or otherwise infringe the copyrights of the contents provided by this website, or allow any third party to do so without the prior consent from the company.

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Reprinting of published articles and images (photographs, maps, charts, illustrations, videos, etc.) from this website is beyond the scope of "private use" permitted by copyright laws and may not be done without the company permission.

Links to this website

Linking to this website is allowed in principle, except for commercial purposes, provided that the following precautions are followed:

  • as a general rule, links should be links to the top page of this website and the pages of each article;
  • direct links to images and videos are prohibited;
  • links that may damage the company’s social credibility or cause financial loss to the company are prohibited;
  • if the company requests the users to stop using the links to this website for any reason, usage of the links to this website shall be stopped by the users immediately.

Contract amendment

The company reserves the rights to change the Terms of Use, etc. without prior notice to the users and without obtaining prior consent from the users. By using this website after any modification of these Terms of Use, the users shall be deemed to have accepted the modified Terms of Use.


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